My life


Some happy years
I grew up as 3rd of 4 kids in a reputable family in the countryside of Southern Germany...
  • little kids, little worries


Early Youth
When I was about 15-16 years old, my life had a drastic change of direction. During a school trip to Paris...
  • A school trip to Paris, changed my life
Done with school – what´s next?
After school – I was 19 – I took a job as a truck driver. I wanted to make some money, as I was dreaming about going to California. There, I was told- you will find the best ...
  • Jürgen 18 years of age (Foto copied from driving license)
Years of recovery and preparation
The next day - Oct 17th 1983 - after I consciously decided....
  • In midst of my grandfathers during my civil service
Kidscamp and other activities
1984 together with my friend Herbert we started to do some work for kids. Our goal was to share with these young people ...
  • The annual kidscamp always was a lot of fun

Studies and job – times of challenges and success

Apprenticeship or studies – that´s the question?
After 3 years of orientation (different laborer jobs and civil service) I thought more often about a future job....
  • Together with my good friend Jochen, whom I owe a lot. He always believed in me <br>and was the main investor in Innomed
My studies
After six months of internship, I started with my basic studies. First of all I had to learn how to learn...
  • Polytechnical University Ulm
My last side job during my studies brought me to a small company, which developed ORACLE based software applications for hospitals and outpatient imaging centers, mainly in the area of radiology...
  • The small Innomed team at an exhibition
General Electric
Attracted by the success of Innomed, specially by our winrate against Siemens and Philips, General Electric (GE) approached Innomed...
  • In Sep 1997 General Electric acquired Innomed

What´s up?

New Challenges
The time I worked for Innomed and GE was all together more than 20 years. After these times of very high personal efforts and a lot of sacrifices from my family. It is time to do something new...
  • Reyingers in Berlin
New job
The next weeks and months is a time for me for orientation and for recharging my battery...
  • Vishal´s Holiday greetings ...Dec 2010

At the end

...some thoughts
Probably the one or the other started to think about what I wrote. Some will surely say, I did not know this about Jürgen at all...
  • There´s one thing I am totally convinced about: Jesus is alilve, he loves you <br>and wants to have a relationship with you !