Done with school – what´s next?

After school - I was 19 - I took a job as a truck driver. I wanted to make some money, as I was dreaming about going to California. There, I was told- you will find the best Marihuana in the world, there are the coolest hippies.

In this time it happened that one evening I met Herbert, a buddy from the drug scene. It was a short, but for my life a very meaningful encounter. Herbert told me through the open window of my car: “You are in deep shit, you need JESUS”. He also mentioned, that Jesus set him free from drugs. I thought he is completely nuts, closed my window, parked my car and went into the Youth Club to pick up a girlfriend. We went in a café.
One could think it happened by chance, but today I know it was not: Directly at the table next to ours, some people had a conversation about JESUS, which - driven by the short and strange encounter I just had with Herbert- was drawing my attention and I was curiously listening until I jumped in myself.

Never before did I hear people talking about God with such conviction, joy and love. They talked about His son, JESUS CHRIST, who was risen from the dead, today lives invisible amongst us and who wants to have a genuine relationship with us. I discussed with them, asked questions and argued against. There were questions they could not respond and to a certain extend they could not argue against my statements. Still, I felt, that they have something, that I was missing, although at that phase of my life, I thought about myself, to be one of the coolest guys and that I am one of those few guys who really found out what real life is about.

I avoided getting in contact with Herbert, but I continued to meet with those people in that café (the place they worked). I felt more safe, as they did not know me, I could stay anonymous. I got more and more curious, started to search for the truth and after about 2 weeks of daily meetings with them and more of these situations happening “by chance”, I decided in Oct 16th 1983 to surrender my life to JESUS CHRIST and to live with him and for him. This changed my life forever…

Jürgen 18 years of age (Foto copied from driving license)
My friend Herbert, who was the 1st telling me that Jesus lives and that<br> he wants to have a relationship with me