My studies

After six months of internship, I started with my basic studies. First of all I had to learn how to learn. It was a tough time for me. The foundations you usually get in school, were simply missing in my life. I had to work on them during my studies. The tests were real challenges to me, specially the intermediate examination. Almost half of the students did not pass this one. But I was among those who made it.

During the main study period I made real good progress. I developed my own personal, highly efficient learning style and had really good success in all the tests.

After the 5th semester we were supposed to do our second 6 month internship. And all of a sudden I had the choice between 2 opportunities offered to me. The 1st at the international corporation, where I have already done my 1st internship, the other with a small unknown company, which name I have never heard of before. It was actually clear to me, that I would go to the large corporation, if there would not be once again this “still small voice” in me, which I over the years got to know better and better and which made it clear to me that it would not match with GOD´s plan for my life.

Somehow I did not want to accept this, but I took the time to search GOD for a response. It would go beyond the scope of this webpage, to explain how the invisible GOD still speaks today, but by all means he showed me clearly to go to the small, unknown company.

I have done so and looking back I am still excited about GOD´s wonderful guidance. In this small company I learnt how to develop applications based on ORACLE. I had a lot of fun doing that and just at that time relational databases, specially ORACLE, was a booming technology. ORACLE experts suddenly became one of the most demanded experts in the IT world. This was of great advantage for me, as it opened a lot of opportunities to have well paid side jobs during the last semesters of my studies. And as another positive side effect, it was very useful for my studies. Beginning of 1991 I finished my studies with excellent results.

Polytechnical University Ulm