Apprenticeship or studies – that´s the question?

After 3 years of orientation (different laborer jobs and civil service) I thought more often about a future job. It became clear to me that I did not want to remain a laborer until retirement. As my results from school were extremely bad, I did not take academic studies into consideration. So I was looking for an apprenticeship and wrote tons of applications in the areas of accounting, logistics or banking - but without any success - I did not even get a single invitation for an interview.

And now? Should I possibly still try to study? I remembered that at the end of my time in school we all got a study guide giving us summaries of different studies offered in Germany. I browsed through the book and one study draw heavily my attention – Informatics: “ When you study informatics, be prepared to learn all of your life, there is nothing like routine and at the end of the studies you will realize that a lot of stuff you learnt already will be outdated.” - That´s it! Inside of me I knew it. I applied for it and got the staggering response: “ With the results of your school leaving examinations you will get on the waiting list with 5.5 years of waiting time”. However with the “knowledge inside of me” I did not give up quickly and together with 2 friends I prayed to the GOD who answers prayers – JESUS CHRIST. And - what a miracle- about 2 weeks later I got a positive response, yet with the obligation to provide a company confirmation for a 6 month internship. I was really excited and started right away to look for a company with such an internship for me.

At that time there were not that many companies able to provide such an internship. My phone calls to all these companies got mostly a similiar response. They were surprised that I came so late and that the slots for the coming semester are already filled, but they could offer me a slot for the following year. This did not really help me.

Then one of these “coincidences” happened, for which I thank JESUS again and again. My friend Jochen, who is a Christian as well and with whom I shared my situation, mentioned that his wife met the wife of the director of an international corporation in Ulm around the time of the birth of their last child. They built a friendship with this couple. Jochen talked with the director about me and at the end I could send my application directly to his hands.

It came as it had to come: I got a positive response from the company who already had refused my application and I could start with my studies.

Together with my good friend Jochen, whom I owe a lot. He always believed in me <br>and was the main investor in Innomed