Early Youth

When I was about 15-16 years old, my life had a drastic change of direction. During a school trip to Paris I could not resist the invitation of 2 girlfriends to try out hashish. This experience had a dramatic impact on my life. 1st time in my life I bought dope, I started to consume it regularly, I involved other friends and lost more and more interest in all the things which so far were valuable to me. E.g. soccer, skiing etc. I started to consume LSD and other drugs. The motto of my life became: Sex and drugs and Rock´n Roll. In school I was shining more through absence than through performance. That I eventually successfully passed my leaving examinations is until today a miracle to me.

A school trip to Paris, changed my life
Hashish, Marihuana, LSD etc. became an essential part of my life
Jürgen with 17 years of age