Years of recovery and preparation

The next day - Oct 17th 1983 - after I consciously decided to live with Jesus, I realized, it was the 1st time since years that I was not longing for drugs. I was free. What happened? “Whom the son sets free is free in deed!” (John 8,36). For me, it was and is a miracle, which holds on until today. I was never again consuming drugs.

I met new friends – young Christians, who loved Jesus. We met in our houses, were singing songs, prayed together and were reading the bible. Some other young people from the area I lived made the same or similar experience with GOD as me. Some also got delivered from drugs, some got free from depression and some found healing for their broken hearts. “By chance” we met, at a Christian event, some Christians from a small non denominational church in Blaubeuren (town close to us) and connected with them. Here we found spiritual moms and daddies who helped us to get our often pretty damaged lives somehow back in order. The years 1983-1986 for me were years of recovery and preparation. I cleaned up a lot of things from my past, did my civil service and learnt to work – sometimes really hard work. A couple of different assignments as an unskilled laborer have given me plenty of opportunities to learn it.

In midst of my grandfathers during my civil service
I met a lot of new young friends
but also some older ones who became spiritual daddies who gave me a lot of support
also Walter, who was and is somebody who stands behind me until now
At the Youth Conferences with "uncle Hans" (this is how we called him), I often experienced <br>the reality of the power of God