...some thoughts

Probably the one or the other started to think about what I wrote. Some will surely say, I did not know this about Jürgen at all.

Maybe some will even say: "This will be a Christian, didn´t he...". I would say we all need to rethink again what is a real Christian? Surely not somebody, who in his stiff religiousness, is separating from all and everything and thinks about himself to be superior versus others. That is the kind of religiousness I knew from my childhood on and which I hated.

About JESUS you can read in the bible that he was the friend of tax collectors (cheaters) and sinners. This did not change until today.

Yes! I here and there made some mistakes and as a Christian, I surely was not always a “role model”. But who from us is without any mistakes? If we are honest to ourselves, we admit, that we all have areas where we failed miserably. But this is the beauty of the gospel of JESUS: “For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”
Ok, we are at the end of this webpage and as I mentioned in the intro, the webpage is about whom I owe everything.
It is JESUS. He gave me real life, restored my devastated life and was of great help to me until now and blessed me abundantly.

In case of any questions, or simple feedback you want to give me, or if you just want to stay connected, just send me an email. I have some time now. :)

I am delighted about every reaction.

There´s one thing I am totally convinced about: Jesus is alilve, he loves you <br>and wants to have a relationship with you !