My last side job during my studies brought me to a small company, which developed ORACLE based software applications for hospitals and outpatient imaging centers, mainly in the area of radiology. I had a lot of fun doing that and really loved to apply my IT knowledge in the field of healthcare. Then once again in my life, I was facing one of these “coincidences”. Just when my studies ended and when I was already decided to work for this company, they went bankrupt. I was shocked, my plans were destroyed and here I stood once again with the question: And now?
Relatively quick, among the employees of this small company, the idea was born to start a software company, but when it came to concrete decisions, only 2 field engineers and me had enough courage to do it. That was the beginning of Innomed. The 2 field engineers left the company quite early, as they did not believe in winning against Siemens and Philips in the highly competitive hospital market. With the help of different investors, a lot of personal efforts and – honestly - with Jesus hearing and answering my prayers for important orders, we managed to get through hard times and eventually made Innomed successful. The Radiology Information System MEDORA, which we had developed became one of the most successful products in the German speaking countries.

The small Innomed team at an exhibition
With the increased success, there was increased interest by the press
Innomed - ORACLE SW Partner - at a Christmas party in our offices